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Ian works for You

Real Estate, like life, is easy... until something unexpected happens. A true PRO can anticipate and avoid most problems, and has the experience and expertise necessary to FIX the ones that may arise. Ian has more than 25 years of experience making your real estate transaction run smooth and worry free.

Focusing on Ottawa's older, established neighbourhoods including;
Residential - Singles, Semis, Rows - Affordable to Luxury
Multi-Family Apartment Buildings
Land Development
Infills and New Construction
Leasing - Residential and Commercial 

Nobody wants what should be a straightforward real estate transaction to run into difficulties. It can undo any benefit of buying or selling. That's when you need a PROVEN PRO IN YOUR CORNER with experience in handling anything that can come along.

* Your agent should be easy to reach. Ian encourages direct calls to his cell phone. 613-794-8555

* Ian is known for moving forward with determination towards a meaningful and efficient result, and in a respectful and cordial manner. He searches for a WIN / WIN solution!

* Clients select Ian to work for them, but they benefit from the expertise of a large team. When the need arises, he doesn’t hesitate to strengthen your position by drawing upon all the expertise from within his company and his network of carefully selected professionals. Ian brings together specialized groups that focus on the important areas of the the task at hand; other agents on his extended team with particular expertise either geographical or skillwise, bankers, appraisers, inspectors, lawyers, accountants, proven trades people, architects, builders, planners, scientists, visionaries, philosophers... whatever is needed to get the job done.

* Single agent, and large multi-agent-team, real estate operations each have their strengths. As a hands on individual in one of Ottawa's top Real Estate offices with exceptional support, and Ian's extensive network of handpicked industry professionals, you are offered the best of both worlds: comprehensive and efficient services, as well as the personal approach that ensures all clients are valued and never lost in the shuffle.
Let Ian take care of the Important Details for You